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As my artwork is about relationships, working with other artists is especially important to me. I have always gone back and forth between individual artwork and collaborative artworks. Combining ideas, ways of working and thinking with others allows for a kind of intermodal investigation that can only be done through collaboration and exchange. Ideas are pushed into new combinations and arenas that no one person would enter within his or her own art style and approach. It is a commitment to pushing the cutting edge of creativity.


Counting Backwards

COUNTING BACKWARDS: Studio Theater at San Francisco State University, 1982,  San Francisco, CA.     


Collaborated with artist/director Helen Richardson to (a) edit and arrange script from poetry of Bay Area writer Evelyn Posamentier, (b) design and build theater set of interchangeable sculptural elements with which actors formed physical space to visually image emotional space. This work is based on the theme of death and regeneration as a psychic process. The environment layers the past and present experiences of a woman writer, child of a survivor from Auschwitz and survivor herself of a psychiatric asylum.















Death Rite, 1978

DEATH RITE: Fort Miley Bunkers, 1978, San Francisco, CA.

Collaborated with Bay Area artists Loren Partridge, Helen Richardson, and Barbara Wein on a site-specific interdisciplinary sculptural environment and ritual enactment in five rooms of a World War II military bunker. The piece is based on (a) the use of that physical space in a rite of passage to reconnect with the idea of death as cyclical, and (b) personal memory with the physical finality of the site. 
Additional Exhibitions:
"The Egyptian Show" (invitational show), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, SF, CA, 1979 
"A Show of Masks" (invitational show), Concourse Gallery, SF, CA., 1979
"Of Recognition and Praise" (juried show), Vida Gallery, 1979
"What's New in Clay" (juried show), Lawndale Art Annex Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1982.
Studio 1290, SF, CA. 1984
Artweek, SF, CA., 11/7/1978
"Death Rite Ritual in Four Voices", Womanspirit, Oregon, Winter 1978















We Are All In This Together, 1978

Clay figures in niches.















New Unimproved Wash n' War, 1984

NEW UNIMPROVED WASH N' WAR, Placa's Balmy Street Mural Environment, 1984, San Francisco, CA.


Collaborated with La Cinca Artists in response to San Francisco Artists' Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America; co-created a multi-media clothesline installation to (a) act as a visual inducement to the violation and vulnerability in Central America, and (b) reflect the imagery and significance of details in the daily lives of others, washing out bloodstained clothes, despite it all.
Additional Exhibitions: 
Vida Gallery, SF, CA., "Celebrando Nuestras Hermanas, " 1985, juried installation.
Casa Gallery, SF, CA., "Placa, " 1984 installation and image/text documentation
People's World, Berkeley, CA., "New Murals Bloom in Balmy Alley" 9/8/84
El Tecolote, SF, CA., "Murals Portray U.S. Intervention in Central America" July 1984
North Mission News, SF, CA., "New Murals" 4/85
Daily Californian, Berkeley, CA., "Mission District Artist Mix Politics with Optimism" 9/84
El Dia, Mexico City,"Denuncian en murales la intervencion de Estados Unidos en America Centrale" 8/24/84
Bernal Journal, SF, CA., "Balmy Alley Murals" 9/84
San Francisco Examiner, SF, CA., "Art that is Right Up Your Alley" 6/16/85
Bay Guardian, SF, CA., "Best Mural Showcase" 7/24/85
"Balmy Alley", Celeste Genwich, local channel 6, 10/84
"Partners in Crime", Barcar Productions, national channel, 11/84
"Fortune Dane", Barcar Productions, national channel, 11/84
"Santana Says It Again", Bill Graham Presents, National MTV, 2/85
"T.G.I.4.", Margarita Landazery & Stephanie Neonau, local channel 4, 9/18/85
"Balmy Alley", Vicente Franco, local channel 14, 9/84 & 8/85
"Placa Presents Balmy Alley", KO, 85
Film: "From a Woman in El Salvador Speaks", A.M.E.S., Sara Halprin, 1/85
News Clip: "Murals," CBS Terry Scott, Carmel, CA., 1/85
Street Murals USA - 1986, Off the Wall Calendar Co., Jamaica Plains, MA.
New Unimproved Wash N' War: month of Sept.
International Invitation: Ministry of Culture, Managua, Nicaragua, a project to create an environment as a cross-cultural exchange based on the Balmy Alley Project















Extended Paths, 1981 






EXTENDED PATHS: El Descanso, 1981, Baja, Mexico


Collaborated with Bay Area sculptor Andrea Hassiba on a sculptural environment based on the exploration of extension -- sculptural materials and ideas inside a studio extended/envisioned in outside space. This piece is a site-specific examination of elements and time transported.






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